Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Blarney in Bloom Launch Day

Once all the pieces had dried fully from painting, the only thing left to do was to varnish everything to ensure they would be protected from the Irish weather! I used Yacht varnish for this as it has proved to be the most resilient to wet weather. 
Once everything was varnished it was time to put the finished pieces into place in Blarney Castle Gardens. The space we would be using for the installation lent itself well to the project as it contains a large oversized picnic table made form reclaimed railway sleepers.
In the trees surrounding the table the smaller cups that the children had made were hung using fishing line and they gave an ethereal feel to the space. They looked fantastic when all together especially as they were all blue and white.
There was a lot of excitement when the students got to see the finished installation in it's place and we had lots of fun pretending to drink tea and eat large cakes!

As it was the launch day for the IGD fundraiser that is Blarney in Bloom there was also a Guide dog present for the occasion which was big hit with all the children. We also had a local councillor in attendance which was brilliant to help to give the whole event as much coverage as possible

Now all that was left to do was to prepare for the festival itself as the Cork textiles Network will carry out it's annual colourfication of the gardens by adding some woolly fun to different areas of this already beautiful space!

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