Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Firday 12th June

I never got round to writing up the blog from last week, but it involved the 5th & 6th Class and 3rd & 4th Class. They were carrying out the last of the paper mache on the large items for the installation. All the pupils were glad to hear that it was the last workshop doing that technique and were looking forward to painting all the objects.

We started with the 5th & 6th  class and it was their job to decide on designs for the different items. For the teacups and saucers they worked in pairs with one person doing the teacup and the other the saucer. We had some images from printed out of the most familiar characters in the story to give them a starting point on their designs. The different character that we had decided to use are: Alice; Cheshire Cat; Rabbit; Queen of hearts; Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee; Caterpillar. The hat will already be representing the Mad Hatter so there was no need to include him. 

It took a bit of figuring out and they were able to practice first on paper before drawing on the finished design. They had fun trying to work out how to use the shape of the cups themselves as a way to add to the design. Once they were happy with the design they then had to decide on colour schemes for each place setting. The 5th & 6th Class started the painting and then the 1st & 2nd class took over when they came to the workshop at 2pm. 

To give some texture to the surface of the Mad Hatter's Hat, we used a combination of red and black paints, layering them on using tissue to dab on the additional layers. It will need some further work this coming Friday so we will use sponges this time to give that textured look. 

They also had to decide on colours for the cakes and sweets and had a lot of fun coming up with some very colourful results!

We decided to go with the very familiar blue and white patterns for the milk jug and sugar bowl. While the teapot is a very bright yellow that will need more painting also in the next workshop. Also, we will need to make sugar for the sugar bowl which will be made from styrofoam painted with glitter glue.

The final workshop is taking place this coming Friday and the installation will be put in place and be used for the launch of the Blarney in Bloom Festival that takes place on Thursday 25th June. It is hoped that as many pupils as possible will get the chance to see their hard work in the beautiful setting of Blarney Gardens as well as taking part in a photoshoot for the launch along with the IGD and members of Cork County Council.

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